With more than 350 million passengers expect to travel to and from Africa by 2020, get insights into the fastest-growing markets in infrastructure developments

The majority of Africa’s bigger economies are carrying out major airport building and expansion efforts in anticipation of ever-rising air passenger numbers. 7 out of 10 of the fastest-growing markets are represented by African countries and they are expected to achieve a compound growth rate of more than 7.2% per year, meaning their market will double in size each decade. Airports are status symbols in their role as gateway announcements to African destinations, but also play vital roles in economic expansion.

This is why countries like Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana have allocated almost 60% of their annual national expenditures to a key infrastructural sector like the transportation one.

Hence, with an overall of 80 projects in the pipeline valued at US$45.3 billion, Africa represents one of the most vivid and fast-growing continent in the infrastructure development scenario.

Therefore, Modern Airports Africa 2019 taking place in Nairobi from 28 - 30 August 2019 offers you the possibility to understand the current stage of some of the most relevant projects while showcase the business opportunities available within the continent.

Why you cannot miss this event?


Learn about the latest developments for the largest projects Africa has harboured for last 5 years and its effect on the overall economy


Understand the economic potential of airports’ implementation, expansion and modernisation accounting for $7 billion


Understand how the effective implementation and extension of the “Open Skies” agreement can give a 65% boost to trade and economy while reducing transportation costs and time


Evaluate the benefits and opportunities of developing green airports to reduce cost of up to 30%


Discuss with the key stakeholders on new opportunities for PPP and foreign investments


Understand how the implementation of new technologies like automation and IoT clouds can improve air transportation’s efficiency, security and safety and potentially save up to US$30 billion on fuel

Who should attend?

Heads of:

  •  Ministers (Trade, Transport, Public Works, Tourism, Economy)
  •  Deputy Ministers
  •  Director General
  •  Banks’ Directors
  •  Civil Aviation
  •  Chief Executive Officers
  •  Planning and execution
  •  Design & Construction
  •  Safety
  •  Head of Networking
  •  Head - PPP Section
  •  Manager Procurement
  •  Airport Safety Coordinators
  •  General Manager – Design & Construction
  •  General Manager - Maintenance
  •  Directors of Air Navigation service
  •  General Manager Planning & Environment

From the following industries:

  •  Civil Aviation Authorities
  •  Ministers of transport
  •  ITS
  •  Contractors
  •  Electric cables and lightening companies
  •  Asphalt Mixing Plants
  •  Bitumen suppliers
  •  International fund board
  •  Infrastructure developers
  •  Airport authorities
  •  Technology suppliers
  •  Maintenance, replacement and repair companies
  •  Equipment suppliers

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